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Terms and conditions

Customers should follow the following terms and conditions of


        Unauthorized use

        Users management

        System security

        Refund policy of our service

        Social media service

        Cost policy of our services

        Indemnification related to our service

        Administration of terms and conditions for company users


Terms and conditions are the instructions or rules permitted by service Provider to its customers. It   includes terms and conditions related to social media promotional packages and other services which will be introduced in future. The service provider have right to make changes in their policies at any time. All customers are required to engage in acceptable use only, if the company modify their policies time to time.

Unauthorized use

The services provided by are only used for lawful purposes. If you do not follow any rule and regulations related to our website, it will be considered as the violation of law. You donít have any right to transmit, distribute and store any data through our website. It will be restricted as per applicable law or regulation. The transmission or storage of material includes material protected videos, texts, images or contents by others copyright or other intellectual property right used without any proper authorization, it will be considered as an offense and illegal. For that circumstances, the service provider will not liable for any stolen property by its customers.

Userís management:

Users shall use company services only for lawful purposes. Users shall not post or upload any unlawful images, videos, contents, texts and post on the social marketing platform like Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and so on. If you will not follow the rules of our services, the service providers are not liable for any violation that should be created by any users. Posting or uploading any abusive, vulgar and threatening post on this social media platform is prohibited by law or regulation. Users shall use company services for any commercial purposes. Users shall not upload any others copyright contents, texts, images and videos on it, it is also considered as a violation of law. If any damage or loss produced at our website, then user individually responsible for any harm or damage. Your material should not be copyright of other content, if you post any copyright protected video then we are not liable for any damage or loss resulting from any violation of copyright or any other harm.


 System security:

Violation of system security are prohibited, it may result in criminal and local liability. You will identify incidents involving such violation and will co-operate with law and administrative agencies, if a violation is suspected. System security violation include following points:

        Without any authorization of our service, you should not able to access our service in any unauthorized way like unauthorized use of data and contents, which results in the violation of law.

        Unauthorized monitoring of data without any authorization of the owner of the system.

        Vulgar, harassing and threatening transmission or uploading an unlawful data, contents and post on social media site is prohibited.

        Introducing any computer contaminant or computer viruses into the system.

        Unauthorized access of computer system for ordering any package of our services.


Refund policy of our service:

Before starting any business relationship with us, we advised you to first test our services and take feedback on it. We do not offer any refund policy related to users. We are not capable of cancelling or refund your money, once the transaction has been done on our secured payment system. After transaction has been done, we are not in position to stop working on your order and refund your money.

Social media service:

While accessing our website, it is essential that the customers shall not transmit or upload any unauthorized data, content, post or text through our services. We do not accept any others copyright video or contents which should be against of our law or regulation.

We are providing you a various services related to social media platform like Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and TikTok promotions etc. On that platform, you should upload your contents, texts or videos which are created as per law or regulation of our service. The user shall use this social media for their personal commercial purposes.

Through our social media service, we provide you a trustful service by which you can access our website as per your requirement.

Users/ customers shall use the facilities provided by service provider for increasing the reputation and growth of their business through our promotional services. Our service is capable of doing a large volume campaign through our system. Once you ordered the package and we will working on it then we should not responsible to stop your campaign and cancel your order at that moment.

Cost policy of our service:

Before using our service, you must know about some cost policies related to our service by which you can make a payment through any secured payment system.

In consideration of our service, the packages that will be mentioned on our website is having an affordable price and it will change at any time without any notice.

Whenever you are visiting to our website, you must check out the pricing or costing of our packages and make a payment with confidence and trust that it should be performed by a secured method.

Indemnification related to our service:

You agree hereby to indemnify by our company directors, employees, agencies from any loss, damage/ financial or non-financial. You also agree that you will not dispute or make any legal claim and bring bad reputation to our services.

Administration of terms and conditions for company users:

If any violation by user or by any third party user, this will be considered as the violation of the policies. If any user found violating the above following terms and conditions, then the service provider is liable for taking action under the prevailing laws or regulations are mentioned.
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